Solaris Trollino


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Solaris Trollino



Concern for the environment leads to a return to a well-proven solution for urban transport: the trolleybus. At the forefront of this development is the Solaris Trollino, a low floor trolleybus available in lengths of 12, 15 and 18 metres. The Solaris Trollino offers superior ride comfort and ensures low noise emissions and a lack of exhaust fumes for cities and their inhabitants.

The Solaris Trollino is based on the Urbino family of city buses. The same high standards of quality are achieved by using stainless steel to achieve a durable body frame. Compared to a traditional combustion engine, the electric engine of the Solaris Trollino emits between 10 and 15 dB less noise.

Auxiliary traction systems available for the Solaris Trollino include:

  • diesel generator – for movement away from the overhead network,
  • energy storage system – allowing for short distances to be operated in passenger service without access to the overhead power supply.