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Solaris Urbino MetroStyle


Bold Design: Solaris Urbino MetroStyle


 Eye-catching design for attractive public transport – this is the Solaris Urbino MetroStyle. Its characteristic front is based on the Solaris Tramino low-floor tram, while clever new solutions enhance the interior. The design and specification package can be combined with all drivetrain options.


 Rising mobility needs bring new challenges for our cities. New roads quickly are blocked by new traffic jams and there are fewer and fewer parking spaces available in city centres. Public transport is the proven alternative, with attractive vehicles further increasing its appeal and market share.


 Both “Bus Rapid Transit” (BRT) and its French counterpart “Bus à haut niveau de service” (BHNS) are innovative concepts for modern, sustainable bus transport in cities, combining dedicated infrastructure and high service frequencies with sophisticated vehicles like the new Solaris Urbino MetroStyle.


All Eyes on a Unique Design

 The Solaris Urbino MetroStyle immediately catches anyone’s eye with its unique design. Its front – taking its cues from the Solaris Tramino low-floor tram – boldly sketches out a dynamic appeal that is also found all the way along its sleek sides to the elegant rear. This confident composition demonstrates to passengers that this is a bus they can rely on.


 Besides its futuristic design, the Solaris Urbino MetroStyle offers a wide range of construction and specification options for customers and transport authorities to choose for their requirements. In high-quality public transport, individuality is key: stakeholders and passengers alike recognise BRT and BHNS services as intrinsically local when they are tailored to their place of operation.


Available for All Drivetrain Options

 The features of the Solaris Urbino MetroStyle may be flexibly combined with all powertrain options available from Solaris. Solaris’s electric mobility solutions are particularly suited to this mode of sustainable transport.


 The Solaris Urbino MetroStyle is therefore available as a hybrid bus with both parallel and series hybrid technology, the latter with partial zero-emission capability. Turning Solaris’s trolleybuses into a state-of-the-art show-stopper, the Solaris Trollino MetroStyle comes with emission-free operation throughout.


Shown at Busworld: Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid MetroStyle for France

 The vehicle shown at Busworld is an articulated Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid MetroStyle for French BHNS routes. Powered by a parallel diesel-electric hybrid drive supplied by Allison Transmission, fuel consumption is reduced by up to 25% and exhaust emissions by as much as 78% when compared to conventional diesel articulated buses.


 Inside, particular attention was paid to accessibility. By using super-single tyres on the second axle, aisle width was increased to850 mm, allowing customers with pushchairs and wheelchair users to move freely through this area. LED floor lighting and non-slip floors reduce trip and slip hazards. Passengers enjoy a bright and spacious interior thanks to a new lighting concept with illuminated ceiling panels and translucent articulation bellows. High-resolution screens mounted at ceiling level and above the wide doors show real-time information on routing and connections.


On Order: Salzburg Chooses Solaris Trollino 18 MetroStyle Trolleybuses

 The first customer to order the Solaris Trollino 18 MetroStyle is Austrian city operator Salzburg AG. With their spectacular design, ten of these new trolleybuses are sure to turn heads in Mozart’s home town from 2012, confirmingSalzburg’s leading role in trolleybus innovation.


 Salzburgmakes extensive use of eco-friendly trolleybuses and continues to expand and extend its route network. With the Solaris Trollino 18 MetroStyle, its vehicles will match this excellence.

Technical Specifications

Solaris Urbino 18 Hybrid MetroStyle – Exhibition Vehicle





18 000 mm


2 550 mm


3 250 mm

Interior height

2 370 mm


5 130 mm/6 770 mm

Front overhang

2 700 mm

Rear overhang

3 400 mm

Angle of approach

Angle of departure

Maximum entrance step height (doors 1+2)

320 mm

Maximum entrance step height (doors 3+4)

340 mm





Number of axles


Front axle

ZF RL 75 EC (independent suspension)

Central axle

ZF AVN 132 S (super-single tyres)

Drive axle

ZF AV 132






Stainless steel

External sheeting

Stainless steel and aluminium panels

Door layout


Number of seats

31 (+2 tip-up seats)





Diesel engine

Cummins ISB6.7EV 250H

Diesel engine power rating

181 kW (246 PS)

Diesel engine volume

6.7 l

Hybrid system supplier

Allison Transmission

Electric motors power rating

150 kW


Nickel-metal hydride



Fuel tanks


Fuel tank

350 l

AdBlue tank

40 l